RAVENOL Gasmotorenoil SAE 40 20L Poglej polno velikost

RAVENOL Gasmotorenoil SAE 40 20L

  • 20 L

82,40 €

Motorno olje RAVENOL Gasmotorenoil SAE 40

RAVENOL Gasmotorenöl SAE 40 is gas engine oil suitable for the lubrication of four stroke gas engines, when gases are used with lower sulphur contents.

Application Notes:

RAVENOL Gasmotorenöl SAE 40 is suitable to apply in four stroke gas engines for which lower acid neutralisation capacity is required. RAVENOL Gasmotorenöl SAE 40 can be applied when natural gas, biomass gas or sewing gas are used. Application of this motor oil contributes to a longer lifetime and decreased maintenance costs, because longer service fill times are possible. Due to its lower phosphate content a longer lifetime of the catalyst can be achieved.


Quality Classifications:



RAVENOL Gasmotorenöl SAE 40 offers:

● Reduction of deposits in the combustion chamber and on the valves
● Good noise reducing properties
● Good oxidation resistance
● Strong acid neutralisation capacity
● Excellent cleaning properties
● Good protection against wear
● Excellent filterability