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Type A Suffix A (TASA), Allison C-4, MB 236.20, Renk Doromat, Type A Suffix A (TASA), MAN 339 Typ A, Cat. TO-4

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RAVENOL ATF Fluid is a high quality transmission fluid formulated with a blend of refined base oils with special additives and inhibitors to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the transmission.

Application Notes:


RAVENOL ATF Fluid is designed for automatic fluid couplings, torque converters, servo steering systems and other hydrostatic and hydrodynamic systems for which an ATF of Type A Suffix A specification is required.

RAVENOL ATF Fluid is not suitable for use where DEXRON ATF Type B, DEXRON ATF Type D or Ford specification M2C-33 E / F / G are explicitly required in the filling instructions!


Quality Classifications:


Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

Type A Suffix A (TASA), ALLISON C-4, MAN 339 Typ A, MB 236.2, Renk Doromat, Cat. TO-2



RAVENOL ATF Fluid offers:

  • Exceptionally good resistance to aging
  • A very good viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Effective protection against wear
  • Very good oxidation stability and low foaming tendency
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion
  • An extremely low pour point
  • Compatible with all types of sealing materials
  • Miscibility and compatibility with all brands of ATF's with Type A Suffix A specification
Attribute                      Unit               Data            Audit
Colour rotvisual
Density at 20°Ckg/m³866EN ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40°Cmm²/s35,0DIN 51 562
Viscosity at 100°Cmm²/s7,2DIN 51 562
Viscosity index VI 174DIN ISO 2909
Flash point (COC)°C210DIN ISO 2592
Pourpoint°C-42DIN ISO 3016